January 20, 2019

AirGreen Inc. Secures Series A Financing – “Emerging Green Energy company to accelerate commercialization of its novel, energy-saving HVAC system.“

February 2018

First patent allowed: US 14/681,448 – “An air conditioning method using a staged process using a liquid desiccant “

November 2017

Seed funding secured for manufacture of 12 field trial systems.

October 2017

Successful demonstration at Oberod Training Facility in Delaware.

  • Two months continuous running
  • Large improvement in comfort and IAQ 
  • Large energy savings

July 24, 2016

Now available, the final report of laboratory testing of the AirGreen System in Florida


  • Conditioned 1,500 cfm of Outside Air at 88°F, 76%RH to 70°F, 45%RH
  • Removed 99 lbs/hour of moisture
  • Supplied air at 48°F dew point
  • Pressure drop less than 0.5 inches w.g.

July 12, 2015

Now available: "Results of Experimental Testing of a Prototype AirGreen Liquid-Desiccant Air-Conditioner" - the final report from The Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering at Queens University, ON, Canada.

The performance of AirGreen’s prototype system was at least twice that of other liquid desiccant systems. Traditional HVAC systems are not as capable at removing latent heat, and other LDAC systems are not as capable at removing sensible heat.