The Problem

Indoor Agriculture

A local firm based in Georgetown, Delaware, converted an approx. 2,100-square-foot building into an indoor hemp growing facility used for producing cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which will be marketed by another enterprise. Managing humidity and temperature is a must for any indoor growing operation. These facilities require a comprehensive HVAC system capable of managing heat loads from the lighting system and the humidity generated by the plants, via evapotranspiration of moisture.  

This client approached us because they were concerned about mold in earlier growing experiments in  another space. Unwanted airborne pathogens like mold can negatively impact the quality of a hemp  product, often making it unusable. AirGreen was brought in to provide a solution that could manage  temperature and humidity while providing superior indoor air quality (IAQ), and this was our first installation for an indoor agriculture environment application, an application where AirGreen’s unique design approach is a strong fit. 

The AirGreen Solution

AirGreen provides an engineering solution that is particularly suited for applications like indoor  agriculture. Our systems aggressively manage humidity to maintain an ideal growing environment and  protect product quality. Dedicated equipment scrubs the air of unwanted airborne pathogens, such as  mold spores, bacteria, and viruses that can be harmful to the plants. In addition to those important  benefits, we can provide this level of performance with lower energy costs than traditional mechanical  cooling systems. The indoor growing environment meant limited space for our equipment and the requisite ductwork. We designed a solution that would overcome the space limitations, including the  equipment and the relevant control and automation systems. A conventional system might require  more than 50 tons of cooling and dehumidification capacity, while the AirGreen solution does the work  using just 8-10 tons of energy. Our system’s graphical user interface (GUI) allows for system monitoring  and adjustment on a 24/7/365 basis, available both to the customer and to AirGreen via a secure IoT portal that allows conditions to be controlled remotely.  

The job was well-planned, and the start-up occurred on time. After installation, we offered online monitoring of the operating system to ensure that it was working as intended. With this service, the client knew we would be there quickly to rectify any problems should they arise with this new, groundbreaking technology. 

Working With AirGreen

This client joined our early list of happy customers. They were especially pleased with  the energy savings we have provided, as well as  our unique ability to scrub the air of harmful  pathogens. At the project outset, avoiding  mold and other contamination was a principal  selling point that only AirGreen could solve.  

At AirGreen, we pride ourselves on our ability  to respond quickly to customer needs and  concerns with an innovative range of  equipment and capabilities. To see how  solutions from AirGreen can provide energy  savings and cost-effective humidity control in  your operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.