AirGreen Models AG3000

HVAC systems have a tendency to give priority to airflow and temperature, leaving behind the very important issue – humidity. Often it is with a higher cost associated that humidity is offered with HVAC equipment. At AirGreen, our proprietary dehumidification technology provides a viable alternative for indoor humidity control without the high energy usage associated with traditional air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our novel equipment removes moisture directly from the air. Additionally, it scrubs pathogens such as bacteria, mold, and viruses—including COVID-19—to improve safety and indoor air quality.

The AG3300 is an expanded capacity version of our original AG2200 unit. Airflow capacity is upgraded to 3,000 cubic feet of air every minute and can operate at a significantly lower sensible heat ratio (SHR) than standard commercial equipment, as low as 25%. The AG3300 runs on hot and cold water for its regeneration and cooling loads. The system uses a closed-loop desiccant system to remove moisture and cool the air, with two separate units to handle air conditioning and regeneration.

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AG3300 Air Conditioning Unit

The AG3300 Air Conditioning unit uses four absorbing stages to remove moisture from inbound air. Air gets cooled as comes directly into contact with concentrated liquid desiccant present on our proprietary wetted media. This direct contact encourages heat and mass transfer while avoiding atomization.  The liquid desiccant circulates through a series of plate heat exchangers fed by a cooling fluid—usually water or a water/glycol mix—which provides cooling in each stage to keep the working fluid cool.

The conditioned air emerges from the unit both drier and cooler, as low as 55°F and 40-50% relative humidity, creating an environment of superior comfort. The diluted desiccant is then pumped into the AG2200/AG3300 Regenerator to be re-concentrated for reuse in the air conditioning unit.

AG2200/3300 Regenerator Unit

Even though the AG3300 Air Conditioning Unit is an upgrade in capacity, regeneration capacity generally does not need to be increased to 3000 CFM, and the AG2200 Regenerator is often satisfactory.  Either the AG2200 or AG3300 Regenerator will meet customer requirements and keep the overall system in balance.

Once the desiccant has been diluted by absorbing ambient moisture from the air, it moves into the Regenerator unit. In a reverse approach to the Air Conditioning unit, the moisture that has been absorbed by the desiccant is released to the exhaust air stream through direct contact with a heated liquid desiccant on wetted media. This heated liquid desiccant warms using a relatively low-temperature hot water source, which can come from heat pumps, solar hot water, cogeneration (CHP), or other renewable resources.

Sizing Considerations

We manufacture our innovative solutions in numerous sizes to suit a variety of application needs. Some common applications include:

  • Indoor Agriculture
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools
  • Indoor Pools and Recreation Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Pharma and Bio-Pharma facilities

The experts at AirGreen can help you determine the appropriate solution for your facility. If your system has considerable sensible load sources, such as light heat, windows, electronics or other sources, it is often advisable and attractive to split the solution between standard cooling equipment for the sensible load and an AirGreen unit for the latent or humidity load. This allows you to balance your capital costs and required airflow while achieving your desired humidity control at significant cost savings.

The following table offers typical AG3300 performance data:


Benefits of Working with AirGreen

The unique design of the AirGreen AG3300 unit provides you with an alternative to high-energy traditional mechanical cooling systems. Our reliable, precise, economical temperature and humidity control systems can save up to 60% on energy costs compared with traditional HVAC systems that cool air down to the dew point and then re-heat. We provide similar savings compared to dry desiccant wheel equipment.

AirGreen’s proprietary technology quickly surpasses traditional air conditioning and dehumidification equipment in situations where humidity control is important, such as grocery stores, agricultural facilities, biopharmaceutical production facilities, schools, and more. To see how AirGreen can help you affordably control the climate within your facility, please contact us today.