AirGreen is proud to be Delaware’s latest and most advanced CleanTech enterprise, driving the sustainability and energy efficiency frontiers in the HVAC industry. With cutting-edge technology, we deliver unparalleled indoor air quality and substantial energy savings, making it the ideal solution for various commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

Our commitment also includes establishing a strong foothold in this rapidly growing sector and leading the charge toward a greener, more sustainable future. By taking a proactive approach, we aim to deliver reliable, cost-effective technology that prioritizes sustainability!

The HVAC Revolution: Experience Unmatched Comfort and Energy Efficiency With AirGreen Technology

Sustainability has become a critical issue in the air conditioning industry. This is due to the high energy consumption of HVAC systems, which contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, global warming, and climate change. In fact, air conditioning is responsible for the equivalent of 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide released annually, and global energy demand from air conditioners is expected to triple by 2050.

The Delaware-based CleanTech enterprise, AirGreen, has emerged as a trailblazing innovator in the field of HVAC solutions. Renowned for its cutting-edge technologies, the company has garnered significant attention and was recently honored as a 2023 AHR Innovation Award Finalist. AirGreen’s revolutionary system ensures remarkable energy efficiency and delivers enhanced indoor air quality and unparalleled comfort. However, the true power of AirGreen’s offerings lies in its commitment to sustainability.

AirGreen’s groundbreaking HVAC system proves indispensable in environments where humidity control is paramount. This includes many applications such as schools, indoor agriculture facilities, grocery stores, biopharmaceutical production facilities, and hospitals. By introducing the industry’s first dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) that operates seamlessly without reliance on return air ventilation, AirGreen has revolutionized the status quo.

Our Products

AirGreen’s climate-friendly solutions are available at a competitive price point, ensuring that sustainability and efficiency are accessible to all. In addition, our proven, tested, and reliable system is ready for immediate purchase, providing businesses with a seamless transition to a greener future.


AirGreen’s AG2200 unit can circulate up to 2,000 cubic feet per minute, improving air quality and comfort. It also operates with a unique closed-loop desiccant system, utilizing heated and chilled water sources for its regeneration and cooling processes in the hydronic version of this new technology. An integrated refrigerant based system will be available soon.

The unit’s advanced design allows it to operate at a significantly lower sensible heat ratio (SHR) than standard commercial equipment. This results in significant cost savings. In addition, with separate units dedicated to air conditioning and regeneration, the AG2200 sets a new standard for efficient and sustainable HVAC technology.


The AG3300 is the capacity-increased variation of our premium AG2200 unit. Its improved airflow capacity of 3,000 cubic feet per minute enables it to perform well even in areas with heavy demand. This unit is also energy-efficient since its SHR is more than 50% lower than conventional commercial mechanical equipment.

The system utilizes a closed-loop desiccant system that effectively removes moisture and cools the air also using heated and chilled water for its regeneration and cooling loads. It is also constructed with two separate units for air conditioning and regeneration, ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal indoor air quality.

AirGreen: The Future of Sustainable HVAC Solutions

AirGreen’s proprietary technology offers dependable and cost-effective solutions that save up to 60% on energy costs. Our revolutionary approach to HVAC is designed to deliver greater results with a focus on efficiency, precision, and affordability.

Moreover, we supply units that leverage our original air conditioning and dehumidification technology to provide remarkable performance. With AirGreen, you can rest assured that you will achieve optimal indoor air quality and energy savings!

Contact us today, and let us support you with your air conditioning and humidity management needs!