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Dehumidification systems eliminate excess moisture from a building’s internal environment to control humidity and dew point. Whereas commercial dehumidifiers play a significant role in room temperature regulation and condensation control for occupied spaces, industrial dehumidification systems are required for operational processes needing specific humidity levels for efficient operations.

Closed-Loop Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning & Dehumidification System

AirGreen has developed an innovative and patented air conditioning and dehumidification system that provides optimal comfort while significantly lowering energy costs. Unlike traditional mechanical cooling technology, AirGreen developed a closed-loop liquid desiccant system designed to remove large quantities of moisture from the air while also cooling it, and does so without requiring sub-dewpoint cooling.

How It Works

The AirGreen technology is designed to simultaneously provide air conditioning and dehumidification. This combination allows AirGreen to produce cool and dry conditioned air while optimizing indoor air quality (IAQ), which is becoming more critical as consumer awareness of the issue grows and industry standards are improved. To that end, this system eliminates airborne pathogens, including mold, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19.

The technology consists of a multi-stage air conditioning module that cools and dehumidifies, along with a regeneration module that re-concentrates our specialized desiccant solution. AirGreen’s desiccant solution is cooled via indirect contact with a chilled water source before being circulated on a closed-loop basis throughout our proprietary media cassettes. Likewise, this same desiccant solution is heated via a hot water source for re-concentration. Unlike solid desiccant wheel systems, the energy required to re-constitute our desiccant is very low.

Depending on the incoming air conditions, the innovative AirGreen design typically cools air to a range of 50°F to 65°F while maintaining a relative humidity between 40% and 50%. Custom units can produce even drier air if the application calls for it, and we have achieved sub-zero temperatures, and at absolute humidity levels less than 5 grains/lb. of moisture. Furthermore, our modular design approach allows for customization and greater energy efficiency in meeting our customer’s needs.

Benefits of AirGreen Technology

We created the unique AirGreen system to provide the following benefits:

Improvement of Comfort and Health

AirGreen’s liquid desiccant cooling system allows for increased ventilation due to its ability and unmatched capacity to strip large amounts of moisture, while also scrubbing the air of a variety of airborne pathogens, including mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Increased ventilation (“outside air”) has been shown to improve cognitive abilities and productivity.

Reducing Energy Costs

As a CleanTech solution, the AirGreen technology is specifically designed to provide cooling and dehumidification at a significantly lower energy-use footprint, and as a result, with a significant reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG’s). This is particularly evident for dehumidification when compared to traditional mechanical cooling systems, which require below-dew point cooling to achieve dehumidification, and thus uses significantly more energy.

Enhancement of Product Quality

AirGreen’s novel technologies can enhance the dependability, economy, and efficiency of many manufacturing or processing operations influenced by humidity, temperature, or airborne pathogens.

Industrial Applications

Dehumidification systems are employed in various industries and sectors, including the ones below:

Food & Beverage

Dehumidifiers are necessary for packaging dry foods, which require low-moisture environments. High humidity levels can deteriorate the quality of packaging materials and equipment, resulting in premature product degradation. Furthermore, packaging machinery is susceptible to clumping and clogging in a high-moisture environment. This can impede production and cause downtime, resulting in lost revenue.

Warehouse & Storage

Moisture levels of less than 50% are ideal for component storage in order to prevent product degradation. Desiccant industrial dehumidifiers produce dry air that reliably protects materials in all weather conditions.

Data Centers

Controlling relative humidity ensures the safety of components, such as computer chips and wired connections. Operators must maintain specific humidity levels to guarantee optimum productivity because high moisture results in corrosion and decreased equipment reliability. Contrarily, low moisture conditions may cause electrostatic outflow, damaging sensitive components.

Pharma & Bio-Pharma Facilities

Dehumidifiers are frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry to minimize the risk of pills or any other product’s coagulation that might result in imprecise amounts or dose levels. Additionally, humidity control is essential for consistent and dependable production, and the elimination of conditions that may encourage the growth of mold or other pathogens, from laboratories to large-scale manufacturing.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture

Successful growers require a variety of internal conditions in order to maximize plant quality and growth, and dehumidification systems are an important element in creating these optimum conditions. Furthermore, indoor agriculture is an energy-intensive industry, and AirGreen’s ability to provide significant energy savings can be a critical economic success element in these markets. Energy used for lighting and for HVAC and humidity control represents nearly 90% of the energy used by indoor agriculture facilities.

AirGreen Commercial Air Conditioning & Dehumidification Systems

AirGreen’s mission is to design, manufacture, and supply an innovative dehumidifying and air conditioning solution consistent with our vision to help our customers create better indoor air quality, significantly reduce energy use and, as a result, contribute to combating climate change.

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