AG1000 Product Overview

The AG1000 is an innovative HVACR solution resulting from the collaborative efforts of AirGreen and BMIL. It represents a cutting-edge industrial refrigeration (HVACR) approach. Known for its exceptional features, the AG1000 stands out as a revolutionary product in the industry. It also sets new standards for HVACR technology, focusing on energy efficiency and simplicity of design.

At AirGreen, we pride ourselves on introducing an advanced dehumidification technology that offers a sustainable alternative for indoor climate control! This distinguishes us from conventional HVAC systems with their high energy consumption approaches. Moreover, our proprietary solutions go beyond standard approaches by efficiently extracting moisture and cooling down the air temperature.

AirGreen and BMIL’s Cold Room Air Handling System

AirGreen and BMIL, a division of Viessmann, have collaboratively pioneered a revolutionary cold room DOAS air handling system. This cutting-edge technology achieves continuous cooling and dehumidification of outside air in a single pass. It produces a 37 °F air supply at dew points below 25 °F. An unprecedented feature of this system is the elimination of equipment defrost cycles, marking a significant advancement in the refrigeration industry.

Sustainable Refrigeration: AirGreen’s Brine-Based System

At the core of this innovation is AirGreen’s sustainable, low-temperature brine-based refrigeration system. It leverages the efficiency of the patented multi-stage brine heat exchanger system. It is also structured around two essential modules: the refrigerator and concentrator. In the refrigerator module, the transformation of outdoor air into cold, dry air occurs as outside air passes across a media that contains a super-chilled brine solution.

The process provides a dependable method for refrigerating make-up air below freezing without needing a defrost cycle. Simultaneously, the concentrator module enhances energy efficiency by utilizing the hot refrigerant gas to reconcentrate the previously diluted brine solution. This seamless integration of modules ensures a comprehensive and efficient refrigeration process.

Energy-Efficiency and Environmental Impact: A New Standard in Refrigeration

The AirGreen technology enables refrigeration of make-up air, which results in up to 50% energy savings, simplifies installations, reduces equipment footprints, and lowers capital expenditures. The system’s design surpasses proposed energy-use regulations for DX-DOAS systems, creating a low dew point “heat pump.”

Furthermore, the brine system actively purifies the air by handling mold and mildew spores, enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ). Looking ahead, the next generation of this design aims to use natural refrigerants with low-to-zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). This technology has earned AirGreen the prestigious 2024 AHR Innovation Award for Refrigeration.

The AG1000 Difference: Optimal Performance, Lower Costs

The AG1000’s design ensures optimal performance under varying conditions by maintaining efficiency by reducing the energy consumption and number of pieces of equipment needed to produce the desired supply air temperature. To create the same supply air conditions, the alternative approach requires four or more distinct pieces of equipment. The AG1000 solution translates to lower energy bills and extends to reduced capital and operating costs over the system’s life cycle. Businesses adopting the AG1000 can anticipate a positive impact on their bottom line immediately, while actively participating in environmentally responsible practices.

Explore the AG1000 With AirGreen!

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