Suitable humidity control is an essential design basis for indoor pools and other recreation facilities. Excessively humid indoor conditions provide the perfect chances for mold and bacteria growth, resulting in poor and hazardous indoor air quality and can deteriorate equipment or the facility. Overly dry indoor conditions result in situations requiring additional make-up water for pools, increasing energy costs, and chemicals.

Indoor Pool Maintenance

Indoor pools are high-maintenance. When indoor pool water heats to swimming temperatures, excess moisture is released into the indoor pool room. This disinfectant-laden mist attacks everything it touches. Mold and mildew will penetrate an indoor pool facility and nearby structures if not appropriately managed. Investing in the right pool room dehumidifier is the best alternative to avoid pathogenic health concerns and inconvenience. It may help save money while maintaining a healthy facility for customers.

AirGreen Technology For Indoor Pool Dehumidification

To solve this usual dilemma for indoor pools application, AirGreen has patented an innovative and proprietary technology for humidity control without high energy usage.

The AirGreen 2000 (AG2000) can remove moisture directly from the air, move up to 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute, and operate at a significantly lower sensible heat ratio (SHR) than standard commercial equipment. It runs on heated and cooled water for its regeneration and cooling loads. AG2000 uses a closed-loop desiccant system to remove moisture and cool the air, with two separate units to handle air conditioning and regeneration.

The AirGreen 3000 (AG3000) is an expanded capacity version of our original AG2000 unit. It has the same functionality with an increased airflow capacity upgraded to 3,000 cubic feet of air movement every minute.

Why Use AirGreen For Your Indoor Pool Facility

Installing an indoor pool dehumidifier can save you time and money in the long run. It will avoid a filthy, uncomfortable, and unhygienic indoor pool area, and it can ensure quality air care in your facility.

Prevent Structural Problems

Water vapor is formed when a pool is heated to a comfortable temperature, and this also causes standing water on pool floors, walls, and ceilings. Eventually, this will lead to mold formation, mildew, and other interior damage in the affected area and nearby rooms. AirGreen’s (AG2000) specialized dehumidification technology removes moisture and pathogens like bacteria, mold, and viruses, including COVID-19, to enhance indoor air quality.

Additionally, high humidity can rot wood, corrode metal, and harm paint. Using a dehumidifier can save money, eliminate safety hazards, and improve your pool’s overall appearance.

Improve Indoor Climate

Pathogens flourish in humid conditions, can produce unpleasant odors, and exacerbate asthma and allergies. In addition, high humidity can be uncomfortable in warmer months. Indoor pool dehumidifiers can solve these by stabilizing room conditions. AG2000 unit can remove 90-95 lbs per hour of moisture and save 50-60% on electricity. It also effectively uses heated and cooled water for regeneration and cooling.

Decrease Energy Cost

Ventilation systems for swimming pools exchange humid indoor air for fresh outdoor air. However, the entire outdoor air must be heated or cooled to the desired indoor temperature during the process. Installing a dehumidifier allows you to conserve energy by preserving outdoor air that is already at the right temperature and does not need more conditioning. The unique design of the AG2000 unit provides you with an alternative to high-energy traditional mechanical cooling systems. Our reliable, precise, and economical temperature and humidity control systems can save up to 60% on energy costs compared with conventional HVAC systems that cool air down to the dew point and reheat. We provide similar savings compared to dry desiccant wheel equipment.

Easy Installation and Operation

Industrial dehumidifiers are versatile and easy to install and use. Many industrial dehumidifiers have plug-and-play designs for easy use, onboard humidistats to adjust your optimal humidity level, and internal condensate pumps for returning and disposing of pool water heavy-duty caster wheels installation when needed. Industrial dehumidifiers can be custom-installed in a mechanical room, closet, or HVAC system.

The experts at AirGreen can help you determine the appropriate solution for your facility. Depending on your facility’s interior, we can advise if we should split the solution between standard cooling equipment and dehumidification. Our guidance may allow you to balance your capital costs and required airflow while achieving your desired humidity control at significant cost savings.

Choose AirGreen Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers Today!

AirGreen innovative and proprietary technology offers dependable, accurate, and inexpensive temperature and humidity management systems that save up to 60% on energy costs.

When selecting the appropriate unit, it is essential to consider dimensions and application. AirGreen offers two different-sized cooling systems: the AG2000 and its extended capacity variant, the AG3000. AirGreen’s patented air conditioning and dehumidification technology easily outperform conventional equipment when humidity control is essential.

Contact us today and let us help you affordably maintain quality air in your indoor pool facility!