Emerging CleanTech company to accelerate commercialization of its novel, energy-saving HVAC  system  

August 26, 2021 (New Castle, Delaware, USA) – AirGreen Inc., an emerging CleanTech company that designs and manufactures an innovative and energy-saving HVAC technology, is pleased to announce it  has finalized its B round of financing. Terms of this funding round were not disclosed. This funding will  allow for AirGreen’s continued acceleration and commercialization of its technology.  

“We are pleased to have completed this investment round and the continued confidence it represents  in AirGreen’s mission to provide a game-changing technology in air conditioning,” said John Hammond,  CEO of AirGreen. “We have completed and deployed our commercial design and are in the process of  

completing our UL 1995 safety certification, and furthermore have fully demonstrated the technology  and its benefits in a variety of projects running 24/7 for nearly two full calendar years. This data and  experience prove our ability to substantially lower the energy costs for a variety of applications and  operate reliably, while providing optimum indoor air quality.”  

About AirGreen, Inc.

AirGreen is a Delaware-based CleanTech firm specializing in a unique HVAC  (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technology. AirGreen has commercialized an energy efficient HVAC system for a variety of applications seeking improved indoor air quality (IAQ),  substantially lower energy costs, superior comfort, and a proven ability to kill a variety of airborne  pathogens, including molds, bacteria, and viruses, including COVID-19. The AirGreen technology  surpasses the performance of traditional equipment in applications where control of humidity is  important, including schools, indoor agriculture facilities, grocery stores, bio-pharma production  facilities, and many other similar applications. Ideal for LEED building applications.  

To learn more about AirGreen, visit http://www.airgreeninc.com 


AirGreen Inc.
John Hammond  


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