Technical Product Description
Airgreen Models AG 2000, 1500, 1000

The AG Series of Air Conditioners and Desiccant Regenerators accurately control humidity and temperature of an air-stream using a liquid desiccant and external sources of 130°F and 60°F water. They are designed to condition outside air in all climates, especially those that are hot and humid, to comfort conditions (see below).

The AirGreen products run on supplies of hot (130°F) and chilled (60°F) water to handle the regeneration and cooling loads. The water flows are controlled according to the total gross cooling (enthalpy) load on the machine and have approximately 95% effectiveness.

The AirGreen system comprises an Air Conditioner and a Regenerator. Each unit receives the energy supply by chilled and hot water, similar to an AHU.

Qualifies under the 
"Buy American Act"


  • AHU (Air Handler Unit)
  • RTU (Roof Top Unit)
  • MUA (Makeup Air Unit)
  • DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air Unit)
  • Industrial and Commercial Dehumidification

Heat Sources:

  • 130°F Hot Water
  • Steam
  • Gas Absorption unit
  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Heat Recovery from Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
  • Cogeneration Systems

Cooling Sources:

  • Chilled Water
  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Gas Absorption unit
  • Direct Geothermal

The 60°F Revolution: With the ability to use chilled water a high as 60°F, the AirGreen unit allows, for the first time, direct use of geothermal water.

The 130°F Revolution: With the ability to use regeneration hot water as low as 130°F, the AirGreen unit enables the use of electric heat pumps for both cooling and heating in the AirGreen process. Also, for the first time, low temperature waste energy that is recovered from other processes/equipment can be utilized for additional savings.

The Net Cooling Revolution / Breakthrough: Unlike most desiccant systems, the patented AirGreen multi-stage process produces supply air at 60°F and below. This allows AirGreen units to be a direct replacement for RTUs and AHUs in many applications. In other applications AirGreen units may be added to pre-treat the outside air.

Typical Performance (2000 cfm)
Outside Air Conditioned Air Cooling (btu/hr) Chilled Water (gpm at 55°F) Dehumidification (lbs/hr) Regeneration Heat (btu/hr) Hot Water (gpm at 130°F)
95°F DB, 
83°F WB
70°F 35% RH, 
54.5°F WB, 
.0055 lbs/lb dry air, 
22.8 btu/lb
211,000 Total, 
157,000 Latent, 
54,000 Sensible
45 145 221,500 40
95°F DB, 
79°F WB
172,000 Total, 
118,000 Latent, 
54,000 Sensible
40 110 180,500 35
93°F DB, 
79°F WB
65°F 40% RH, 
52°F WB, 
.0053 lbs/lb dry air, 
21.3 btu/lb
185,500 Total, 
125,000 Latent, 
60,500 Sensible
35 116 195,000 30
90°F DB,  
73°F WB
134,000 Total, 
80,000 Latent, 
54,000 Sensible
30 74 141,000 25

The AG 2000 is differentiated from conventional equipment because it:

  • has no condensate drain
  • Conditions 100% outside air (if needed)
  • has the Return Air duct to the separate Regenerator unit


  • Storage Device/Kit
  • Humidification Kit (for winter)
  • Winterization Kit

Source Energy/Water Supply Packages

Heat Pump

Wter to Water heat pump

Water Heat Exchanger

To obtain water supplies from VRF systems and refrigerant heat recovery

Geothermal Kit

From recommended Geothermal installers to meet AirGreen's specs.

Solar Thermal / Waste Heat Kit

From Solar Thermal installers with mixing valve for over-temperature protection.

Technical Specifications
AG 2000 AG 1500 AG 1000
Regenerator Airflow: 2000 cfm 1500 cfm 1000 cfm
Heating Source: 130°F 130°F 130°F
Cooling Source: 60°F 60°F 60°F
Desiccant (Lithium Bromide): 30 gals 25 gals 20 gals
Supply Air 
– Relative Humidity (controllable):
25 to 60% 25 to 60% 25 to 60%
Supply Air 
– Temperature °F:
5 to 8°F above Chilled Water 5 to 8°F above Chilled Water 5 to 8°F above Chilled Water
– Total Cooling (max):
23 tons 16 tons 11 tons
– Moisture Removal at 95°F, 85°F WB:
190 lbs/hr 142 lbs/hr 95 lbs/hr
Electrical (208/230V, Single-Phase):
2.4 kW 2.0 kW 1.6 kW
Shipping Weight: 650 lbs 500 lbs 400 lbs
Operating Weight: 1,000 lbs 800 lbs 640 lbs
Size (approx) 
– Base Unit:
65 x 60 x 36 in 53 x 60 x 36 in 41 x 60 x 36 in
Size (approx) 
– Packaged System
65 x 100 x 36 in 53 x 100 x 36 in 41 x 100 x 36 in
† – For desiccant pumps and air blowers

Made in the USA